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The chosen topic for the second edition of FACAMP Model United Nations (FAMUN), Globalization and Regionalism, seeks to emphasize the relevance of regional arrangements for the international relations in the 21st century.

Unlike the cooperative arrangements made in the time of the Cold War , for example, when the role of regional relations was overshadowed by the great political powers, the contemporary international insertion necessarily involves both cooperative aspects and regional projection. With meetings and organizations from various regions of the globe, FAMUN 2014 brings both contemporary and historical topics for understanding the role of regionalism as a key element to understanding the international politics of today.


Without leaving aside issues of global reach, but appreciating the understanding of regional dynamics to international prominence both from small states and great powers, the deepening on regional issues seeks to show that it is just by understanding the demands and characteristics of each particular region that a new fairer and more balanced global socialization can be achieved.