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Useful Links

In order to assist preparation to FAMUN, participants can find below a list of useful links, divided by Committees.

Gabinete del Ministerio de Economía Argentina
Tópico - La Discusión de las Condiciones Monetarias y Fiscales de la Economía Argentina en Diciembre de 2001


Ministerio de la Economía e Finanzas Públicas


Ministerio del Trabajo, Empleo y Seguridad


Ministerio de Planificación Federal, Inversión Pública y Servicios


Ministerio del Desarrollo Social


Ministerio de Agricultura, Ganadería y Pesca


Secretaria de Comercio


Secretaria de Finanzas


Secretaria de Hacienda


Secretaria Legal y Administrativa


Secretaria de Política Económica y Planificación del Desarrollo


Centro de Documentación e Información

International Labour Organization
Topic A - Technology and Structural Unemployment
Topic B - Regional Efforts for Promoting Decent Work for all


International Labour Organization


NORMLEX - Information System on International Labour Standards


LABORDOC (ILO Central Library Database)


LABORSTA (Statistic ILO Database)


Working Conditions Laws Database


NATLEX (Database of national labour, social security and related human rights legislation)


EPLex (Employment Protection Legislation database)


LFSurveys (Labour Force Surveys)

Peace and Security Council of the African Union
Topic - The Situation in Darfur


African Union


African Union Constitutive Act


Member Countries Profile


United Nations Mission in Darfur


The Situation in the Darfur Region of the Sudan


Shangri-La Dialogue – The International Institute for Strategic Studies Asia Security Summit
Topic A - Aero-maritime Sovereignty in the Asia-Pacific
Topic B - The Question of the Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands


Official Website


Australia Government


Canada Government


Chile Government


France Government


Germany Government


India Government


Prime Minister of Japan and His Cabinet


USA Government


China Government


Oceans and Law of the sea – United Nations

Supremo Tribunal Federal
Tópico - Caso da Constitucionalidade das Terras Quilombolas


Site oficial


Constituição Brasileira


Comissão Pró-Índio de São Paulo


Programa Brasil Quilombola


Manifesto pelos Direitos Quilombolas

United States Special Operations Command
Topic - The question of Syria


USSOCOM Official Website


US Department of Defense (USSOCOM Section)


US Department of Defense


United States Army Special Operations Command


Air Force Special Operations Command


United States Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command


United States Naval Special Warfare Command