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Form A

Part I - Head Delegate Information

inform international and national area codes

Part II - Delegation Information

Number of delegates*:

Faculty Advisor (optional)


Part III – Country/Representation Preferences

Please, fill in the following gaps with 10 (ten) countries/representations or combination of countries/representations that your delegation would like to represent at FACAMP Model United Nations (FAMUN), as long as the following rules are respected:

Country/Representations Preferences rules:

  1. Delegations can be composed of 1 (one) to 10 (ten) delegates.
  2. In your country/representations preference list, the number of representations in each combination should be exactly equal to the number of delegates in your delegation. For example: If your delegation is composed of 10 delegates, you should choose ten combinations of countries whose sum is 10. A possible combination is: Brazil (5) + Argentina (5) = 10 delegates. Or: Brazil (5) + Australia (2) + Bangladesh (2) + Belgium (1) = 10 delegates. And if your delegation is composed of 5 delegates, a possible combination is: only Brazil (5); or Australia (2) + Bangladesh (2) + Belgium (1) = 5 delegates.
  3. Only five out of ten preferences can include the same countries/representations. For example, if you would like to represent Brazil, this country should appear only in five of your ten combinations of preferences.
  4. Regarding representations to the following committees - Gabinete del Ministerio de Economía Argentina and United States Special Operations Command:

a. Representations to these committees may be included together with the representation of other countries. For example: if your delegation is composed of 10 delegates, and some of them wish to attend these committees, a possible combination would be: Brazil (5) + Australia (2) + Belgium (1) + Presidente De la Rúa (1) + Admiral William H. McRaven (1) = 10 delegates. In this case, only five out of ten preferences can include the same representations of these two committees.
b. Delegates that wish only to take part of these two committees cannot submit delegations of more than 3 delegates.

Fill out the fields according to the number of delegates

Part IV – Conclusion of the Registration

   I declare that I have read and agreed with FACAMP MODEL UNITED NATIONS (FAMUN) General Policies, which will be fully respected by all delegates of my delegation. FAMUN General Policies can be consulted here.


FAMUN reserves the right to immediately suspend delegates for improper behavior. There will also be penalties for the entire delegation, such as the suspension of the delegation from the event; the ineligibility for Best Delegation Award; and limitations of country assignment in future conferences of FAMUN.