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Social and Environmental Responsibility

Environmental Responsibility


FACAMP has always encouraged its students to develop a social and environmental consciousness, from its infrastructure to the topics discussed during classes. Therefore, FACAMP Model United Nations (FAMUN) is an event committed to social and environmental responsibility.

Firstly, this concern is expressed in the topics which will be discussed during the Committees’ sessions. Themes such as the preservation of the environment and the natural resources will be important elements present during discussions.


Furthermore, FAMUN is an event committed to sustainability as an organizational practice, promoting environmentally-friendly actions, such as: the use of mugs in replacement of disposable plastic cups; the use of eco-bags in replacement of plastic or petroleum-based bags; and waste separation during the days of the conference. In order to save paper and to keep pace with the new world tendencies in sustainable publications, FAMUN 2014 will continue to publish its study guides in an e-book format, developed by Editora FACAMP.

Social responsibility

FAMUN 2014 has expanded its social projects, becoming a conference in which social awareness and practices are fundamental. Besides the partnership with PAS, established in 2013, in this year, social projects with Boldrini and Hemocentro will be developed. FAMUN 2014 will also have a Director for Social Projects and will count with the support of the Academic Center of International Relations (Centro Acadêmico de Relações Internacionais – CARI).

Partnership with Programa de Aprendizagem Social – PAS: FAMUN 2013 chose to stimulate the practice of reading as the main focus of its social projects, donating books to the Program of Social Learning (PAS – Programa de Aprendizagem Social). PAS is a social project created by FACAMP students in 2005 with the objective of offering Portuguese, Mathematics, Basic Economics and Computer classes to FACAMP’s cleaning and gardening employees. This year, the partnership with PAS is directed to structural and educational levels, showing ways in which the project can be developed in schools and colleges that take part of FAMUN.


Partnership with Centro Infantil Boldrini: Boldrini is a philanthropic hospital in Campinas which focuses on oncology and pediatric hematology. Their work in the rehabilitation of children and youngsters with cancer show a cure rate of approximately 80%. This year, FAMUN participants will be invited to donate gel alcohol, destinated to the personal higyene of Boldrini patients.


Partnership with Hemocentro: Hemocentro is a center for hematology and transfusion medicine of UNICAMP. Its work is centered in research as well as educating and coordinating blood donation policy. FAMUN will promote a campaign to educate FACAMP students and FAMUN participants on the importance of blood donation.