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Form B

Head Delegate Information

(Please, type the password access sent on Form A subscription. Note: it is case sensitive)

Please, certify that your full name is written down correctly in order to avoid mistakes on the Certificate of Participation)

(Your Badge Name must contain your first and last names, suppressing your middle names. Nicknames or informal language will not be allowed)


(Please, name the committee you will take part of)

(Please, name the country or representation you will represent)

(Please, inform if you have any physical or locomotive needs; nutritional restrictions; or any other special need)

In order to fill in the Form B with the information of other members from your delegation, please click in PROCEED MY SUBSCRIPTION. You will be redirected to this page again, and then you must fill in the form many times as necessary to register all the delegates from your delegation. The head delegate will receive an email confirming all the information provided in this form.

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