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Position Paper and Speeches

Distinguished delegate, are you ready to represent your country? Learn more about writing your Position Paper and how to prepare a good speech.


Learn more about FAMUN’s awards criteria.

Study Materials


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Committee’s and Council’s Handbooks, Research Guides and Organizational Documents

Each Committee and Council has its own Handbook, which contains the main historical aspects of the organ you will simulate, the rules of procedure and flow of debate for the conference, and important guidelines on how to write resolutions and other documents.

United Nations Environment Assembly

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United Nations Security Council

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Position paper

Each delegate is expected to submit a Position Paper, which is a statement indicating your country’s position that serves as your introduction to your Committee/Council. The criteria for Position Papers are as follows:

      • Position Papers must be written and submitted by each delegate (or in pairs for the High School Security Council) to be considered for an award. Position Papers are to be submitted to the Registration System.
      • Position Papers will be made available to your Committee/Council so other delegates can read your initial position about the negotiation.
      • Position Papers are to be submitted no later than Friday, 25 August 2024, 23:59 (BRT). Delegates who submit after the deadline will not be considered eligible for Awards.

Position paper format

Position Papers should be about one to two pages long in total. The issues to be addressed in the Position Paper are:

Set the context: What are the main elements of the problem that you will be discussing? Why is this issue relevant and important to the international community? Use statistics when appropriate.

Summarize actions taken: Draw attention to actions taken by the UN and other Member States that your representation thinks should be highlighted. Mention any actions that your representation may have taken.

State solutions: Clearly state what proposals your representation will support to address the issue that will be discussed.

References: List the main references and research material you have used to write your Position Paper.

Language: The position paper should be written in the language of your Committee/Council.

NOTE: Participants agree that all materials produced for this conference will be original work. Plagiarism will not be tolerated at FAMUN, and should the Secretariat discover instances of plagiarism, the individual will be disqualified from the conference without a refund.

You can download the format and an example of Position Paper:

How to submit

You need to submit your Position Paper through our Registration System. Log in with your Username and Password and attach your position paper in the “Documents” field.

Each delegate and faculty advisor can attach his/her own files, or one member of the delegation can attach all the files. It is up to your delegation.

Just make sure to name the position paper file as follows: Path_Committee/Council/Symbol_Representation_Your Name



  • High School_UNEA1_Brazil_Maria Santos
  • High School_UNEA2_Brazil_Maria Santos
  • High School_UNEA3_Brazil_Maria Santos
  • High School_UNSC1_Brazil_Maria Santos
  • High School_UNSC2_Brazil_Maria Santos
  • High School_UNSC3_Brazil_Maria Santos
  • High School_UNSC4_Brazil_Maria Santos
  • University_UNSC_Brazil_Maria Santos
  • University_UNEA_Brazil_Maria Santos

Speeches and Speaker's list

Each Committee and Council has its specific rules regarding the statements during the respective formal meeting. This is an important moment to present your country’s position and priorities to the negotiation. You can prepare your statement in advance. Check the specific rules below.

FAMUN Opening Plenary

High School and University delegates assigned both to FAMUN 2024 United Nations Environment Assembly or United Nations Security Council have the opportunity to deliver a statement during the Opening Plenary General Debate.

Attention to the specific rules:

From 22 July to 23 August 2024, delegates will be able to apply to deliver a statement in the Opening Plenary. Those interested should fill in the Google Form and submit their written statements. The Secretariat will select the best 15 statements to deliver their speeches during the Opening Plenary. The list of the selected delegates will be posted on FAMUN’s Instagram on 29 August 2024. 

The theme of the speech in the Opening Plenary is “Act Now: Save today our tomorrow”. Speeches should have a maximum of 2 minutes for each statement. Each country can only make one statement during the Plenary. Speeches should be delivered in English. 

The beginning of the speeches in the Opening Plenary General Debate should be as follows: 

Ms. Antonia Toledo, Secretary-General of FAMUN 2024; 

Ladies and Gentlemen Heads of State, Government and Delegations; 

Ladies and Gentlemen. 

I would like to congratulate you, Ms. Fernanda Maia, on your election as President of the General Assembly. 

Madam President…

UN Environment Assembly General Debate

Delegates assigned to FAMUN 2024 United Nations Environment Assembly also have the opportunity to make a statement during the UNEA General Debate. Delegates should express their intention to do so on their Position Papers.

This speech is about the topic “Nature-based solutions for supporting sustainable development”. Statements should be delivered in the language of the simulation.

Speeches should have a maximum of 2 minutes for individual States for each statement.

The beginning of the speeches in the UNEA Formal Debate should be as follows:

In Portuguese:

Obrigado(a), senhor/senhora Presidente.

Senhor/Senhora Presidente,


In English:

Thank you, Mr./Madam President.

Mr./Madam President,


The speaking order for each UNEA will be determined by the order in which Position Papers are submitted.

Delegates who wish to make a statement on their Committees but have not indicated that on their position papers, can include their names on the Speakers’ List before the beginning of the First UNEA Session.

UN Security Council

Delegates assigned to FAMUN 2024 United Nations Security Council have the opportunity to deliver statements. 

This speech is about the topic “Children and armed conflict in the Occupied Palestinian Territory”. Statements should be delivered in the language of the simulation.

Statements should have a maximum of 5 minutes. 

Attention: In the Open Debate format, non-Council Member States are also invited to make statements during a formal meeting of the Council. The Open Debate is the most inclusive format because it is open to any Member State who wishes to speak.

Following a formal meeting where Member States speak on a thematic issue, only Council Members may continue to discuss the agenda item in Informal Consultations of the Whole.

Awards Criteria

Content provided to FAMUN as part of the WIMUN affiliation


The following awards will be given out at FAMUN 2024:


Diplomacy Awards

Each Committee/Council will award a single Diplomacy Award to the delegate (or to the pair of delegates in the High School Security Council) that best exhibits the spirit of diplomacy. The Diplomacy Award represents the delegate in the Committee/Council that pursued consensus, cooperation, and negotiation throughout the conference. Delegates who are awarded a Diplomacy Award at FAMUN 2024 must fulfill the following criteria during the entire conference:

  • Act in the spirit of the United Nations and its values;
  • Actively pursue consensus throughout negotiations;
  • Contributes enthusiastically to the drafting of a resolution and raises issues relevant to the pursuit of consensus;
  • Actively listens to concerns of other delegations;
  • Actively proposes alternative solutions and compromises during Informal Negotiations;
  • Engage with other delegates diplomatically and respectfully;
  • Be prepared for opening remarks which are informative with regards to the country’s policy and ensure that other delegates gain an understanding of the position the country a delegate is representing;
  • Have submitted a Position Paper prior to the conference and actively reflect the positions and solutions proposed in it throughout committee sessions;
  • Attend all simulation sessions.

Position Paper Award

Each Committee/Council will award a single Position Paper Award to the delegate (or to the pair of delegates in the High School Security Council) whose document demonstrates exemplary writing and understanding of the topic at hand. A document worthy of the Position Paper Award will:

  • Follow the structure outlined by FAMUN 2024 and organize its ideas thoughtfully;
  • Utilize thoughtful, concise grammar and language;
  • Reflect a firm grasp on the Committee/Council’s topic of debate;
  • Be solution-oriented and acknowledge other points of view;
  • Original writing and no plagiarism.

Note: High School Security Council Presidents are eligible for awards, including a Position Paper award or Diplomacy Award (in pairs). The pairs of Presidents will be evaluated only in their capacity as delegates representing their Member State and not in their ability to fulfill their duties as President.