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1st Edition Theme

“The Developing World under Debate” is the theme which conducts the discussions of FACAMP Model United Nations. Many are the reasons for choosing this debate for the 1st Edition’s Theme.

The understanding of Brazil’s development and its international role has been a guiding principle for the founders of FACAMP and has permeated their careers.

Furthermore, the International Relations Course at FACAMP not only aims to provide a broad understanding of the global dynamics, which involves the relations among great powers, but is  also concerned with the study of Brazil’s international role through its i) regional engagements – such as Mercosur, Unasur, South-South relations; ii) international approximation with developing countries of different regions; iii) participation in global multilateral forums – such as BRICS, IBSA, G-4 and G-20. All these initiatives are vital to contemporary Brazilian foreign policy.

Centering the developing world as the fundamental gathering piece of FACAMP Model United Nations Committees, both High School and College, is to highlight the role of States and populations which have increasingly became more relevant to the 21st Century International Relations. In doing so, we express how much FACAMP and its Model United Nations takes into consideration values such as tolerance, equality, diversity and environmental and social responsibility.