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FACAMP – Faculdades de Campinas – was founded in 2001 by important names of Brazilian Academia: João Manuel Cardoso de Mello, Liana Maria Lafayete Aureliano and Luiz Gonzaga de Mello Belluzzo. Eduardo da Rocha Azevedo, businessman and founder of Bolsa de Mercadorias e Futuros de São Paulo (BM&F), is also a founder of FACAMP.

FACAMP relies on professionals who have been dedicated to Higher Education for more than 40 years, guaranteeing its excellence in education. Its pedagogic project is focused on the study of Humanities and the development of a full-time education, achieving a complete formation, based on the following pillars:

Currently, FACAMP offers seven Graduation courses: Administration, Economics, Production Engineering, Design, Law, Advertising and Marketing, and International Relations; and twenty Post-Graduation courses.

Clear objectives and qualified Faculty Professors define FACAMP as one of the most prestigious Higher Education institutions in Brazil. Therefore, FACAMP is qualified to develop an important project as FACAMP Model United Nations, its first simulation of international organizations and cabinets.

The International Relations Course, through its Centro de Estudos e Pesquisas em Relações Internacionais (CERI-FACAMP), is responsible for executing this project, in order to integrate different visions on International Relations issues.