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Award Policy

Aiming to stimulate a high-quality debate, previous research and preparation, and to acknowledge the involvement of participants, FACAMP Model United Nations grants awards to delegates and delegations that contributed positively to the Conference. It is not intended to create a competitive environment or to enhance rivalry among delegates.

On the contrary, awards intend to acknowledge team work and the respect to the other participants, the diplomatic decorum and the rules of procedure.
Awards will be granted by the Directors of each Committee, according to the following principles:

  • • Knowledge of foreign policy/doctrine, expressed through both Position Paper and Diplomatic behavior during the conference;
  • • Previous research and preparation;
  • • Speaking, arguing and negotiation skills;
  • • Constructive participation during debates of all Committees’ sessions;
  • • Critical thought;
  • • Envolvement in group activities/ team work;
  • • Respect to diplomatic environment and to the rules of procedure;
  • • Participation in cultural events.

The following types of awards will be granted in each Committee:

  • • Best Delegate Award
  • • Outstanding Delegate Award
  • • Honorable Mention Award
There will also be a Best Delegation Award and a Special Award to the Delegation that stands out during cultural events. These awards will be granted to the delegations as a role, according to the same principles mentioned above.